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for compliant and effective treatment plans

Using advanced AI to find the right treatment for every patient.
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Cut through the clutter

Celeste's ExactRx empowers clinicians to quickly find and choose the best treatment options for their patients, all in one place.  

Simplify Decision Making
Our AI-powered tool matches patients with the most effective treatments through smart pattern recognition, boosting success rates right from the start.
Maximize Time with Patients
With limited time per patient, ExactRx maximizes every minute. Empower your prescribing with quick access to data-driven recommendations that suit each patient's unique needs.
Prescribe with Confidence
With access to a platform that offers evidence-based recommendations rooted in clinical guidelines, healthcare providers can prescribe with greater confidence, reducing the likelihood of trial and error in treatments.
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We deliver the most comprehensive treatment recommendations, encompassing medications and behavioral health interventions, to ensure the highest effectiveness and compliance to 1) your facilities protocols and 2) federal guidelines.

70% success rate

for First-Line Treatments
(from baseline of 50%)

~ 20 hours / week saved

For clinicians and clinic staff
on administrative tasks
Built by clinical pharmacists and physicians, ExactRx partners with your care team, delivering personalized decision support services to busy clinicians like you — streamlining the process and improving care for both your practice and patients.
"Celeste is such an exciting and innovative platform. I think that it will truly allow physicians to provide better care for their patients by helping with decision-making and leading to better patient-physician interactions!"

- Dr. Ariela Marshall, MD Hematologist at the University of Minnesota
”I'm excited about Celeste—clinically solid and focused on both providers and patients. It's a game-changer for providing evidence-based and patient-centered care.”

- Dr. Criag Cohen, MD MPH OBGYN at UC San Francisco

What we deliver to our enterprise customers

For Payors
Reduce Costs: Streamline formulary design and manage high-expense categories efficiently.

Improve Health Outcomes: Enhance patient satisfaction and safety with optimized therapy and fewer hospitalizations.

Streamline Operations: Facilitate specialty collaborations and enable outcome-based contracts for greater efficiency.
For Pharma
Enhance Trial Matching: Connect your therapies to the right clinical trials, ensuring precise and effective participant selection.

Enhance Patient Outcomes: Deliver improved treatment results and elevate patient satisfaction, promoting adherence to therapies.

Enable Strategic Collaborations: Support outcome-based contracts and partnerships with pharmacies, aligning your innovations with market demands.

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“For too long,  reproductive responsibility has been left to women with too few options and the burden of dealing with side effects, discomfort, and hassle. Celeste is leveraging technology to help the patient, provider and society combat these disparities in women’s health and safety.” 

Dr. Vinita Speir, MD FACS