Your AI-Pharmacist Copilot for safe and effective prescribing

Finding and prescribing the right medications for chronic conditions is often a complicated and slow process. We provide a streamlined solution for quicker, more effective treatment.
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Celeste's ExactRx utilizes AI-driven precision medicine to transform patient data into tailored access and efficacy insights for specialty medications.

Smart Pattern Recognition
Providers simply confirm their patients' clinical and insurance details to start our algorithm. It assesses medication safety, efficacy, and formulary alignment to surface therapeutic recommendations, regimen cost and coverage, and predictions of treatment success.
Precision Powered Prescriptions
The prescriber confirms therapeutics and ExactRx generates personalized, insurance-aligned specialty prescriptions, delivered directly to your patient. No sticker-shock and no delay.
Enhanced Care Navigation
Post-prescription, our Pocket Pharmacist handles patient queries and proactive follow up to save time for your providers and clinic stuff, all while automating improvements in adherence.
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Medically Integrated Dispensing Model (MIDM)

Delivering a digital clinical pharmacist directly in your clinical workflow to evaluate medication access and predict treatment adherence, then manage post-prescription medication-related issues.
MIDM medication adherence rate, compared to a baseline of 70% in specialty pharmacies.
~20+ hours
hours saved per week for prescribers and clinic staff.
<24 Hour
Prior authorization turnaround time with 80% approval rate for appeals.

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Built by clinical pharmacists and physicians ExactRx partners with your care team, delivering personalized pharmacy services to patients — streamlining the process and improving care for both your practice and patients.
"Celeste is such an exciting and innovative platform. I think that it will truly allow physicians to provide better care for their patients by helping with decision-making and leading to better patient-physician interactions!"

- Dr. Ariela Marshall, MD Hematologist at the University of Minnesota
”I'm excited about Celeste—clinically solid and focused on both providers and patients. It's a game-changer for providing evidence-based and patient-centered care.”

- Dr. Criag Cohen, MD MPH OBGYN at UC San Francisco

What we deliver

For Payors
1. Amplify benefits for your members through strategic formulary design
2. Cost Containment in High-Expense Categories
3. Reduced hospitalizations and readmissions
4. Improved patient outcomes and satisfaction
5. Enhanced Drug Safety Monitoring and Therapy Optimization
6. Specialty Drug Utilization Management
7. Reduced Waste in Medication Spending
8. Precision in High-Cost Drug Allocation
9. Specialty Pharmacy Collaboration
10. Enables out-come based contracting
For Health Systems
Enable value-based care success and combat poly-pharmacy by clinically justifying prescription need and improving access to the right medicine.

1. 13% reduction in total patient health care costs
2. Access to on-demand specialty pharmacy services
3. Faster prior authorization approval
4. Significant provider time-savings
5. Reduced inbox burden
6. Accurate coverage and adherence predictions
7. Enhanced prescribing precision
8. Improved patient outcomes and satisfaction
9. Enable 340B Drug Pricing Program cost savings
10. Cost-effective drug purchasing

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“For too long,  reproductive responsibility has been left to women with too few options and the burden of dealing with side effects, discomfort, and hassle. Celeste is leveraging technology to help the patient, provider and society combat these disparities in women’s health and safety.” 

Dr. Vinita Speir, MD FACS